Name, Place, Animal, Wings!- Virtual Workshop

Slideshow of images from the workshop, part of our Mumbai exhibition 'Shifting Selves: Between meaning mythology and mirage'.

On 21st August 2021, Sarmaya Arts Foundation held a virtual art workshop for children inspired by the themes of our exhibition ‘Shifting Selves’. The workshop was led by artist Shailee Mehta. Shailee is an artist who works with figurations of the feminine and investigates the politics of otherness, mythology and desire. We had a group of excited, enthusiastic participants aged between 9 and 14 who joined the session from across the country. The participants were shown hybrid figures and imaginative creatures in the paintings of Rithika Merchant, Mayank Shyam, Nankusiya Bai and more from the Sarmaya collection. Later, the participants used these artworks as inspiration to create their own fantastical characters and landscapes. They used techniques of collage to create these works, a technique used by artist Rithika Merchant who featured in our exhibition.