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Careers & Internships -

The Sarmaya team recreates a vintage photograph of tradespeople posing with the tools of their trade for International Museum Workers Day 2018

At Sarmaya, we believe strongly in finding and nurturing budding enthusiasm for, and competencies in, art and heritage management in India. We are always in search of those who are as passionate as we are about this country’s immeasurable cultural wealth, and those who find innovative new ways to share their knowledge with the world.

We’d love to work with you! To join the Sarmaya team, get first-hand experience through an internship program or volunteer for one of our special projects, watch this space for announcements of new openings.

To apply to any of the positions below, send in your resume with a covering letter to


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Careers & Internships -

Careers & Internships -

Katherine Bibilouri is pursuing a Dual BA Program (Politics and Government and Psychology with a focus on Visual Arts) at Sciences Po, Paris and Columbia University, New York.

I’m all set to: “Navigate the virtual world of Fine Art! ”

At the moment: “I’m writing a research paper for Sarmaya on the connection between Biodiversity and Contemporary Miniatures. I’ve also developed a small education kit and a short video of my work! ”

I’m excited about: “My newfound connection to Contemporary Miniature. I’m so grateful to meet various artists who use traditional techniques as a means of expressing their own narratives. ”

My Sarmaya Star:Wild Things by Jethro Buck. The entire piece used gold as a meditative metaphor for life. The animals represent a stream of consciousness that envisions life moving forward. The work embodies the simple principles of evolution ”


Careers & Internships -

Prithvi Subrahmanyam, 16, is a junior at American School of Bombay

At Sarmaya, I’ve learned: “How to manage a database, help to organise an event like the Talks and handle precious antiques at Saturdays at Sarmaya.”

I’ve gotten pretty good at: “Time management and teamwork”

Someday, I’d like to: “Be an architect in the public sector, focusing on industrial architecture or restoration”

My Sarmaya Star: “Nikusiyar’s coin for its rarity and the story behind it.”

Careers & Internships -

Kuhu Kopariha, 21, has a BA in history from Sophia College, Mumbai

Biggest perk of the job: “I love to read and being part of the library project meant I got to ooh and aah over Sarmaya’s huge collection of books on history and art!”

Someday I’d like to: “Be an art curator”

My Sarmaya Star: “It’s a book called Ganjifa: The Playing cards of India by Rudolf Von Leyden. It’s very well written and explores both the craft and its amusing origins.”

Careers & Internships -

Vinzent Wesselmann is pursuing a Dual BA Program( History and Politcal Science) at Columbia University, New York and Sciences Po, Paris

I chose Sarmaya because: “they have been experts in creating digital art exhibitions for years - something that is a new normal for most other museums.”

Someday I'd like to: “open my museum.”

At Sarmaya I've learned: “how to effectively interview experts for my research”

My Sarmaya Star: "Calming the Storm because it made me rethink the ways in which water is represented in visual art.



Careers & Internships -

Janak Doctor-Gregory, 29, has a BA in Ancient Indian Culture from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai

I chose Sarmaya because: “I love to see historical artefacts preserved and cared for.”

My team relies on me for: “Cataloguing, shelving and rearranging books for the new library.”

My Sarmaya Star: “The rare book Fryer’s Travels. It’s a brave story about the travels and travails of a humble English doctor.”



Careers & Internships -

Chandrica Barua, 23, has a degree in Medieval Literatures and Cultures from the University of Edinburgh

Someday I'd like to: "Get a PhD in culture/literary studies.”

I’ve gotten pretty good at: “Investigating objects so they can be properly catalogued and contextualised.”

What I love about Sarmaya: “It’s liberating because I'm encouraged to design my own internship goals.”

My Sarmaya Star: “Herbert’s Travels for its images, most notably of a demonic dolphin and one very weird penguin. To find evidence of how differently the world was once looked at is to know how far we've come.”

Careers & Internships -

Juhi Valia, 20, has a degree in Ancient Indian Culture from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai

I’m all set to: “Pursue a Master’s in World Heritage Studies and learn how to develop India’s intangible cultural heritage.”

At the moment: “I’m helping to set up and organise the Sarmaya library of over 8,000 books so it’s easy for readers and researchers to access.”

I’m pumped about: “All the interesting people I got to meet from the fields of art and heritage.”

My Sarmaya Star: “A painting by an artist called Donovan, who uses a few select colours and brush strokes to convey, rather beautifully, the wide spectrum of emotions he feels during a panic attack.”

Careers & Internships -

Manisha Kallivelil, 21, has a degree in history from Sophia College, Mumbai

I chose Sarmaya because: “I was excited by what I saw and experienced at the photography exhibition.”

My team relies on me for: “Cataloguing and organising the objects in the museum’s collection, as well as sorting through the mammoth library. Research is a big part of our work.”

Someday, I’d like to: “Do my Masters in art history.”

My Sarmaya Star: “The photograph with the panoramic view of Marine Drive/Queen’s Necklace. It’s amazing to see what Bombay once looked like.”