Magni Mogolis Imperivm (Great Mogolis Government)

early 18th century

The Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit produced this map titled ‘Magni Mogolis Imperivm de Novo Correctum et Divisum Per’ in the early 18th century.

Maps began to play an increasingly important role in realising European nationalist and imperialist ambitions, both practically and ideologically.

This map shows the extent of the Mughal Empire in the early 18th century – extending from Khandahar in the west to Bengal in the east. Frederik de Wit (1629-1706) produced it in Amsterdam, Netherlands, as a part of his publication ‘Atlas Major’.

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Magni Mogolis Imperivm (Great Mogolis Government)
early 18th century
Frederik de Wit
H: 41.5cm x W: 51.5cm
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