Dr Graham Shot In His Buggy


This is an engraving depicting the shooting of Dr.Graham, an English medical officer who was shot while travelling in his horse-carriage and succumbed to his wounds. This print was inspired from the original illustration by Charles Ball, in his book “The History of Indian Mutiny”. The image depicts a horse-drawn carriage speeding through the landscape with a wounded Dr. Graham and possibly his wife. At the disance can be seen his attackers on horseback in a poistion that seems to allude that the shooting has occured just at that instance. At the far background can be seen another revolting soldier on horseback setting fire to a building. The events of the Uprising that took place in regions that are now Pakistan are not much talked about, but are eqaully important – one such being the revolt of the Sialkot Regiment and the fight in the Sikh fort of Sialkot.

Dr. Graham shot in his Buggy
The London Printing and Publishing Company Limited
Polychrome Engraving on Paper
16.2 cm x 20.0 cm
Accession No.