Fish Net (Paagir)


This work illustrates a Fishing Net, also called Paagir, by Warli artist Sadashiv Mashe (b. 1860), son of the celebrated artist and Padma Shri awardee Jivya Soma Mashe (1934-2018).

A common subject, this net is portrayed in a twin format, which means it is composed of two paintings of the subject that the artist has signed twice on either side, creating a single piece of art that can be viewed from either direction.

Fishing is a significant source of food and income for the Warli community. It is also an  activity organised with great zeal. The golden rule for the community is to take only what is necessary from the natural world. Giraah, the god and protector of the seas, should not be insulted in the event of fishing, according to the Warlis, who think that one should not act avariciously concerning one’s portion of the catch.

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Fish Net (Paagir)
Sadashiv Jivya Mashe
Poster colours on traditionally treated cloth with bamboo stick
H: 221 cm x W: 170 cm
Accession No.