Gopashtami Pichwai with Twenty Shringars


Shrinathji is the presiding deity of the Pushtimarg Vaishnava religion. The spiritual home of Shrinathji is in Nathdwara, near Udaipur. Though devotees flock to the temple town for darshan eight times a day, festivals such as Janmashtami, Sharad Purnima, and Holi receive large crowds. Devotees often tend to leave with a special souvenir, that is, a Pichwai painting.

The word ‘Pich’ means backdrop, and the Pichwai is intended to be hung behind the idol at the temple. As a result, the original Pichwai comes with a window cut out for the idol to fit through.

This Pichwai celebrates Gopashtami, a festival dedicated to Lord Krishna and cows. It is said the festival marks the day when Krishna was given the responsibility of taking care of the cows in Vrindavan. The 20 different Shringars of Krishna (Also known as Thakurji) on the borders of this Pichwai, is probably inspired by the one at the Nathdwara Temple which keeps changing every festival, season, and month, etc.

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Gopashtami Pichwai with Twenty Shringars
H: 149 cm x W: 98 cm.
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