Pattachitra: Krishna Ras Leela

c. 21st century

This is a pattachitra created by Akshaya Kumar Bariki, and dealing with the theme of Krishna Raas Lila. The centre of this painting depicts Krishna and Radha sitting under the Kadamba tree, being attended to by gopis. Around the main image are two circular registers occupied by figures of Krishna and the gopis dancing. The outside corners of this central arrangement are further filled by icons of Brahma, Shiva, Saraswati and Lakshmi. Other icons and stories that fill the patta are the ten incarnations of Vishnu, and the life story of Krishna beginning with the imprisonment of his parents by the evil king Kamsa, the eloping of Vasudeva with the infant Krishna, his growing up years in Vrindavan along with his various miracles such as the killing of Bakasura, the lifting up of Govardhan mountain and the defeating of Kaliya the snake.

Krishna Ras Leela: Pattachitra
c. 21st century
Akshaya Kumar Bariki
Gum Tempera on Cloth
33.6 cm x 48.4 cm
Accession No.