Transport series (Plane I-V)


This Gond-Pardhan painting (set of 5 panels) titled the ‘Transport Series (Plane I-V)’ is an acrylic on canvas work, made by artist Mayank Shyam (b. 1987)

Mayank Shyam is from the Gond-Pradhan community in Madhya Pradesh. His art is never purely observational. Behind each painting is a philosophy, message or story. In the Transport series, he draws parallels between the seasonal migrations of animals and humans.

He says, “In my early years as an artist, I visited Mumbai and for the first time experienced a macro city—its crowds, tall buildings, and pace. I painted a canvas full of buildings, which tracks a very interesting behaviour of the cityfolk. In Mumbai, I learned that many rich people leave the city when summer begins and come back only when it has cooled down. My painting showcases a plane and a bird alongside it to shed light on the many migrations taking place in the city. I found this similarity fascinating.”

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Transport series (Plane I-V)
Mayank Shyam
Acrylic and ink on canvas
H: 38.1 cm x W: 38.1 cm (each panel)
Accession No.
2019.32.5 (1-5)