early 21st century

Madhubani or Mithila painting was born as a ritual art form during wedding ceremonies.

This Madhubani painting showcases a veiled woman in the centre. Her face painted inside a circular structure may represent a bride. The woman’s veil and big nose ring are red and she also wears a red flower painted in place of a vermilion. The painting style is typical of ‘Bharni’ technique where colours are filled inside a bordered form. The border consists of two parallel lines indicative of the union between Shiv and Shakti. Behind the circular structure, more circular and flower motifs are drawn. The four corners and the borders of the painting uses motifs which are reminiscent of Aripana (Floor) paintings. The colour scheme comprises bright shades of red, pink and purple, in a backdrop of a gobar coloured paper.

early 21st century
Unidentified artist
Goauche and Ink on Paper
H: 56 cm x 75.5 cm
Accession No.