In this etching of watercolor and ink on paper, Laxma Goud sketches erotic studies of the human female form. They appear to be quick contour drawings that were then worked on more to add details and colours. These sketches surround the main black and white etching, which comprises of a man and a woman lying together, head to toe. It is indicated that they are in a room of some sort, as the viewer can observe a pillow and curtains in the background. Both the figures represented are nude, which could suggest that they are lovers. The trees and plants against a black background suggest it could be nighttime. There is a very rustic, raw and intimate quality to both the main etching and the surrounding drawings.

Laxma Goud was born in Andhra Pradesh and completed his art education from the Government School of Art and Architecture in Hyderabad. He then went on to study Mural Painting and Printmaking at the MS University in Baroda. Goud is not attached to one specific medium, and shows his versatility across a range of mediums like printmaking, drawing, watercolor, gouache, pastels, sculpture and glass painting. (Read about some popular mediums artists work in here.) His work can be described as raw and poignant in nature, as his portraits of men and women portray a very strong emotive quality. A consistent theme in Goud’s work is the exploration of the erotic . Most of his paintings are set in rural landscapes that he recreates from memories of his childhood. In his later artworks, these same figures are delineated with a much softer and introspective outlook. Goud has exhibited his works in several group and solo shows throughout India and abroad. The artist currently lives and works in Hyderabad.

Laxma Goud
Etching on paper, ink and watercolour on paper
Full Size (With Frame): H: 56.6 cm X W: 51.7 cm ; Etching Size: H: 25 cm X W: 28.3 cm ; Watercolour Sketch Size: H: 14.5 cm X W: 10 cm
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