undated, 21st century

This work from the series Unborn by Anju Acharya (b.1992),  illustrates a realistically rendered skeleton of a fish.

Birth, says Acharya, can only be comprehended entirely when viewed in the context of death. All in between is the process of deterioration. In this piece, she portrays how changes in nature impact the body of living beings, resulting in mutations and death. She has been conscious of the fall in the number of living organisms since she was a child, both due to natural and human-caused changes, and is concerned about it. Her work and style reflect her attentive attention toward biological changes in organisms. She mediates a discourse between the physical and emotional by depicting birth, death, and decay in her work.

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undated, 21st century
Anju Acharya
Watercolour, ink and collaged rice paper on cartridge paper
H: 31 cm x W: 23 cm
Accession No.
2019.40.3 (2)