‘Untitled’, suite of five paintings


Gopa Trivedi is inspired by the insignificance of the mundane. Through her work she adds a sense of purpose and narrative to a setting that might seem ordinary. A lot of her work takes into account aspects such as the roles of space, time, degeneration and fragmentation in a composition. Even in this untitled painting series, Trivedi explores the correlation between space and time through the use of the splattered brown liquid, which seems to increase in size in every subsequent version of the painting—the artist explains the significance in an interview with Sarmaya. Trivedi is able to make the viewer experience the role of time through her art in a very subtle yet impactful way. This artwork also heavily adopts elements and styles of traditional Indian miniature paintings, as seen in the tiled flooring and the geometric patterns on the rug.

Read a full profile of the artist here.

Gopa Trivedi
Gouache on wasli
Each painting - H: 25 cm X W: 18 cm
Accession No.
2019.12.5 (1), 2019.12.5 (2), 2019.12.5 (3), 2019.12.5 (4), 2019.12.5 (5)