Alamgir II, Silver coin of Gwalior Mint

1167 (Hijri year) / AD 1753-54

This double-die-struck silver coin from the Gwalior Mint (Madhya Pradesh) was issued by Alamgir II in 1753-54.

Mughal Emperor Alamgir II (1699–1744), also referred to as Aziz–ud–Din Muhammad, ruled Delhi between 1754 and 1759. Regarded as a “puppet” monarch, Alamgir II was manipulated by other court officials and rulers. His four-year tenure saw a rise in political unrest and invasions from neighbouring regions. Alamgir II was recognised for his literary and spiritual interests, nevertheless. The Kalima was reintroduced on the coins during his rule. The coin bore the inscription, “Sahib Qiran,” or “Lord of the Religious Conjunctions.”

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Alamgir II, Silver coin of Gwalior Mint
1167 (Hijri year) / AD 1753-54
Double die struck
Accession No.