Golconda Fort (Inside view)

late 19th century

This is a photograph of the interiors of the Golconda Fort complex in Hyderabad by an unidentified photographer.

During the Qutub Shahi Dynasty (16th-17th centuries), the Golconda Fort became a prominent power house. Ibrahim Qutub Shah (1518-1580) significantly strengthened the fort with stone and mortar during his reign, and it was subsequently fortified throughout succeeding dynasties until Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb (1618 – 1707) conquered it in the late 17th century.

When it comes to diamonds, nothing surpasses Golconda. Golconda’s ancient mines, pre-dating dynasties of the last two millennia, were a source of wealth and influence for the powers that controlled them through the ages.

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Golconda Fort (Inside view)
late 19th century
H: 23.5 cm x W: 27.7 cm
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