Modern Temple at the Humpee

Circa 1860

This is one of the outer walls of the Hazara Rama Temple in Hampi, illustrating a procession of horses and elephants. The lowest and the second lowest register feature these processions, while the upper registers feature warriors, musicians and dancers. The Hazara Rama temple was built in the 15th century inside the royal enclosure of the Vijayanagara Emperors as a private temple of the royal family. The primary deity of the temple was Rama, and the name might have modern origins owing to the multiple relief panels on the temple walls illustrating episodes from the Ramayana.

Modern Temple at the Humpee
Circa 1860
Physical description
Modern Temple at the Humpee (Hampi) Village, Vijianuggur (Vijayanagar)
Edmund David Lyon
Albumen print pasted on mount
24 cm x 29 cm
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