The Temples of the Shravanas


This very striking picture represents the temple of the Sacred Tank of the Shravans, or Jains, situated at Bellagolla, in Mysore. The building is dedicated to Bhadra Bahn, a holy man of the Jains who lived in the fourth century. On the summit of the hill which rises to a height of 3,250 feet may be seen a colossal statue of Gomatesware. It is sixty feet high, and is hewn out of the solid rock. The Tank, which lies at the foot of the mountain, is a very common feature in connection with Indian ecclesiastical architecture. It adds a beauty to the buildings with which it is associated, and in a land of drought and hot suns is of the greatest value to the people. Inscription Verso “Illustration from a photograph by Barton, Son & C

The Temples of the Shravanas
Barton, Son & Co.
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