Some Years Travels into Africa and Asia the Great


This is a mid-17th-century travelogue by historian Thomas Herbert, who chronicles his journey to the Middle- East, Asia and Africa with particular emphasis on the empires of Persia and India during the 17th century.

Thomas Herbert (1606-1682) was a courtier to Charles I (1600-1649). He travelled to the court of Shah Abbas (1571-1629) of Persia in 1627 as a member of a diplomatic mission. Although, this mission failed as a result of the death of the mission’s leader, Sir Dodmore Cotton. Herbert and the others continued their journey through the Middle East, Mauritius, and the Indian subcontinent, eventually returning to England in 1630.

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Some Years Travels into Africa and Asia the Great; especially describing the famous empire of Persia and Industant. As also divers other Kingdoms in the Orinetal Indies and I'les adjacent
Physical description
Hard-bound smooth brown leather cover with textured ends and inscribed border decorations at recto & verso. Spine embellishment and writing in gold.
Sir Thomas Herbert
J. Best for Andrew Crook, London
H: 29.6 cm x W: 20.0 cm x D: 3.9 cm
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