The Campaign in India, 1857-58

January 1859
The Campaign in India, 1857-58 - Colonial India, Lithographs, Uprising of 1857

The Campaign in India 1857-58 rare book comes from Captain George Franklin Atkinson (1822–1859), the famous author of Curry and Rice, and is illustrated with forty plates. Atkinson was a Captain of the Bengal Engineers, part of the British Indian Army stationed in the Bengal Presidency.

The book illustrates the British response to the Uprising of 1857 by Atkinson, a Bengal Engineers officer in the 1850s. The Campaign in India, belittled for ignoring the Indian viewpoint, is remarkable as a record of the 1857 English attitude towards India.

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The Campaign in India, 1857-58
January 1859
George Franklin Atkinson
Day & Son, London
H: 57.0 cm x W: 37.2 cm x D: 1.5 cm
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