City As Lab

City As Lab - Gond, Numismatics, outreach, Phad, Workshops

City As Lab is a program run by the education consulting firm and think tank Reniscience Education, which aims to foster a spirit of scientific curiosity and a love for research in school children. City As Lab is a yearly project undertaken by schools in different Indian cities over a period of a few months, at the end of which students present their research at a one-day conference. This is where Sarmaya comes in. We have partnered with City As Lab to conduct art and history workshops during their conferences so the young researchers can illustrate their findings using creative tools inspired by our archive. In the past, we have conducted workshops on numismatics, Phad paintings and Gond art.

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Gond workshops for City As Lab

Numismatics workshop in Delhi for City As Lab

Phad workshop for City As Lab