Research and Outreach Assistant

Research and Outreach Assistant

Location: Mumbai

Duration: Full time

Desired Skills and Experience

  1. A bachelor's or master's degree in art history, history, museum studies, curatorial studies, or a related discipline is preferred.
  2. The candidate should have a minimum 2-3 years of work experience. Experience working in museums, galleries, or cultural institutes is preferred.
  3. Experience in facilitating art education and outreach programs is a plus.
  4. The candidate must be comfortable working with large groups of people.
  5. Must have strong interpersonal, communication (written and oral) and organisational skills.

Key Accountabilities

  1. Contribute to interdisciplinary research of the artworks and objects in the Sarmaya collection.
  2. Must be able to work independently, be highly organised, and have an acute attention to detail.
  3. Communicate and write for Sarmaya's regular programming.
  4. Assist with organising Sarmaya outreach programs, such as coordination between suppliers and planning and promoting the event.
  5. Track and report program attendance and maintain program documentation
  6. Assist in content ideation and creation for the website, social media platforms and on-ground events.
  7. Assist with collection management.