Clay Architecture & Interiors

On 16 December 2020, we held a very different kind of workshop tailored to a specific ask from our audience. Artists, designers, architects and other creative minds working at Clay Architecture & Interiors, Mumbai visited us for a Saturdays at Sarmaya session in the office of Pavitra Rajaram Design. The team was prepping for a big project in Delhi and requested our founder and true-blue Delhiite Paul Abraham to share a historical perspective on this ancient city. Through a display of our rare photographs of the Delhi Durbar and Sufi shrines, coins, maps of the city when it was called Shahjahanabad, engravings, rare books and paintings, Paul illustrated how various dynasties from the Tomars to the Mumluks to the Lodis to the Mughals and finally, the British, helped to inform the architecture, art, languages and culture of the erstwhile Indraprastha. The participants got a hands-on feel of the objects and in the process, got a deeper sense of what makes Delhi and its people so special.