Love Stories

From the divine to the profane

It’s almost spring and a young museum’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love. No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, we think you’ll like how we’ve interpreted the themes of love and lust through the lens of modern art, mythology and early photography, among others. We don’t really need an excuse to share our infatuation with Indian history, art and culture—but sometimes, it’s nice to have one.

Body Beautiful

From Ara to Souza and from infatuation to disillusionment, we examine the nudes in our collection of modern Indian art

The Romance of the Taj Mahal: It’s Complicated

It's a symbol of romantic love the world over. But what do the historians have to say about Mughal India's most famous legacy? We examine new theories and pair them with rare vintage photographs of the Taj Mahal from our archive

Fairytale Wedding

When it came to royal wedding spectacles in the last century, Mysore’s maharajas knew how to put on a show