Art from a Sacred Land

Welcome to the historic land of Mithila, home to a beautiful art that is part-myth and part-memory. Today a town called Madhubani in Bihar houses some of the most gifted artists of this tradition. We are proud to present our second film Madhubani – Art from a Sacred Land, which travels to a tiny hamlet in Bihar, home to three generations of women who have dedicated themselves to Madhubani art. Moti and Jyoti Karn have a personal and emotional connection with the art that defines them and flows through their brush. Hear their story, visit their home and fill up your senses in Mithila. 

On The Road in Madhubani

Photographer and author Chirodeep Chaudhuri curates a virtual exhibition of photographs taken during Sarmaya's trip to Madhubani

Crossing Borders with Mithila

In this digital collaboration with the Mithila Museum in Japan, Sarmaya presents a breathtaking selection of works by the first-generation of Mithila artists to stun the global art world