Madras Talkies

Visiting the Queen of the Coromandel Coast

In 1639, a British trading company got permission from the local rulers to set up a factory on a thin strip of the Coromandel coast. Measuring about three square miles and lashed by the fury of the Bay of Bengal, Madraspatnam gave no early signs of the historic metropolis it would soon morph into. As the little port grew and grew into Madras Presidency, it would birth radical ideas, movements and personalities that would change the very face of a nation still waiting to be born. Let’s drop anchor for a while at its harbour and travel to when it all started…READ MORE

The Making of Madras

The history of the Madras Presidency is also the history of an embryonic nation finding its identity under colonial rule. We take you through some key moments, movements and personalities that shaped Madras and what would in time become India

Thanjavur – Country of Gods & Kings

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, Thanjavur welcomed large communities of Telugu and Marathi speakers as a consequence of Nayaka and Maratha conquests in Cholamandalam. The result was a slow mingling and simmering of cultural influences, resulting in the unique artistic heritage of this temple town

Chettiars: The History of A People by MV Subbiah

During our visit to Chettinad for Sarmaya's Art of Travel, eminent industrialist and the former Executive Chairman, Murugappa Group, MV Subbiah treated us to a very personalised history of his community, the Nagarathar or Nattukkottai Chettiars. He was in conversation with Sarmaya founder, Paul Abraham.

Palace of Illusions

The magnificent mansions of Chettinad hold the great riches of the world, and tell the story of extravagance, grandeur and inevitable decline