Sarmaya Spotlight is a magazine-style digital property that explores various themes in the universe of Indian history, art and culture through objects in our collection. Each issue of Spotlight includes interviews, articles, videos, 101 guides, virtual tours and social media campaigns. Browse our archive of over 30 Spotlights below.

July 2018

Epic Journeys

What do you seek from travel? Adventure? A sense of purpose? Or simply a change of scene? For centuries, travellers have landed up in the subcontinent looking for all of the above—with a generous sprinkling of spice. They took back indelible impressions that would inspire travelogues, paintings, photography and even some incredible maps. The voyages… Read more »

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June 2018

Dream catcher

Wise, compassionate and endlessly inventive, Badri Narayan added a pinch of fantasy to every story he told. His art occupies a special place in the Sarmaya collection, not just for their incredible skill and craft, but also for their essentially hopeful perspective on life. His world of dreams and fables offered not the empty promise of escapism, but the deeper comfort of transcendence.

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May 2018

Tiger of Mysore

As you study the vault marked ‘Tipu Sultan’ in the Sarmaya archives, a picture begins to emerge. Of a man who sought beauty and harmony in everything he created, from coins to palaces. Of a warrior so fierce, even his enemies admired him. Of a ruler so charismatic and flawed, even history hesitates to pass judgement.

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April 2018

The Christ Commission

Sarmaya has collaborated with celebrated Rajasthani artist Manish Soni to reimagine Christ in a new light and through an Eastern lens. With support and direction from Sarmaya founder Paul Abraham, Soni has revived the ancient Mughal art of Hamzanama painting and used the form brilliantly to retell the legendary tales we know so well.  

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February 2018

The Lucknow Affair

When we launched our Art of Travel series this month, we just knew we had to begin with Lucknow. For all the obvious reasons, of course. It’s a city soaked in art and history, and lends itself so beautifully to all manner of poetic interpretation. Plus, the kebabs are heavenly. But there was another reason… Read more »

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