Sarmaya's Women Take Wikipedia

To celebrate #InternationalWomensDay, we dedicated March 2019 to the most gifted women artists represented in the Sarmaya collection. We celebrated their often-unsung genius by helping others discover it through the sprawling warrens of Wikipedia. Sarmaya participated in an international campaign by Art+Feminism to get more women editing and featuring on the internet’s favourite reference guide. Sarmaya’s team is almost entirely female. Our tribal and indigenous collection? Also filled with strong women artists. We put the two together to host our first Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. And it was all kinds of femme-tastic! Watch the video below to find out which artists we edited into Wiki.

First of Her Tribe

The incredible story of how one woman went from laying bricks at an art centre to becoming one of its most celebrated artists

Jungle Book

With each canvas, Durgabai Vyam takes us deeper into the forest of childlike fantasies

Call Of The Wild

Bhil artist Lado Bai understands that the purpose of art is to soothe and refresh the senses