Storytelling in India

The legends that shape us

Myths are born and heroes are made through the art of storytelling. When a bard travels from village to village narrating tales of a local event or a minor god, they’re scattering the seeds that will one day grow into a towering forest of legends. Generations will take shade and find inspiration here. This month, we examine three art forms from the Sarmaya collection that are deeply embedded in the oral history traditions of India: Bengal patua scrolls, Rajasthani phad paintings and the shadow puppets of Andhra. Discover the worlds they rule by the stories they tell.

The Never-Ending Story

We look at three indigenous art forms from the Sarmaya collection and listen to the timeless tales that animate them

A Play of Shadows

Witness a magical storytelling performance of Tholubommalaata and let your imagination take flight as the evening light suffuses the stage and the colourful leather puppets are seized with a fierce energy