Help for COVID-19

Help for COVID-19 -

Weavers at the loom by an unidentified photographer, 19th Century

Few communities have been spared the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent nation-wide lockdown. Yet, in these uncertain times, some citizens suffer from a threat more urgent even than contracting the coronavirus. Hunger, homelessness and unemployment have unsettled a great mass of India’s daily wage workers and laborers from unorganised sectors. Construction workers, street vendors, plantation labourers, weavers and others who toil each day to build and run our societies are now finding  themselves completely out of options and with nowhere to go.

Help for COVID-19 -

‘Construction of the viaduct with temporary staging at the mouth of Tunnel no 8 at Bhor Ghat’ by Alice Tredwell, c 1859 1860

Our most ambitious national projects, from laying rail tracks to crafting intricate textiles, would not be possible without the strength and creativity of the millions who toil namelessly in the sun. Daily wage-earners, itinerant craftspeople and the many others who provide essential services on our streets make art, culture and everything we celebrate at Sarmaya possible. At this time, let’s be mindful of the ways in which we can support those less privileged than us—those who in fact have made our privilege possible. While our state and central governments are working to reach out to migrant labour populations, let’s strengthen other collective movements already in motion to help the most marginalised communities.


We would like to draw your attention to the following organizations and initiatives attempting to help these communities. We will be adding to this list as the days go on, so do check back in.


While we have tried our best to provide authentic sources here, please do your own research before you donate. Sarmaya cannot be held responsible for any liability arising from these donations.


Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA): Providing emergency relief food supplies to the urban poor. Read more and donate here.

Goonj: Providing emergency relief and essential supplies to daily workers. Read more and donate here.

SAFA India: Providing essential supplies to those affected by loss of daily wages. Read and donate here.

Give India : Making direct cash transfers to daily wage community members. Read more and donate here.

Hasiru Dala: Providing groceries to wastepickers in Bengaluru. Read more and donate here.

Antaran: Supporting Artisan communities across four states – Artisan communities across four states– Assam, Nagaland, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Read more and support here.

Keshav Suri Foundation:  Providing support to NGOs that are providing COVID-19 relief to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Read more about the foundation and the NGOs that are being supported here.