11th century

Great Pagoda of the Brihadishwara Temple, Tanjore

The Brihadishwara Temple at Thanjavur marks the acme of the Southern Temple Architecture, in magnitude, design, technique, and art. This Great Temple, built between AD 1003 to 1010, is also called the Rajarajeshvara after its builder Rajaraja I, the great Chola Ruler. The Temple complex consists of various subsidiary shrines of different deities, and an… Read more »

Map of the Southern Provinces of India showing British possessions

This 1808 map of South India shows the territories held by the East India Company, outlined in pink. Mysore, nominally independent under the Wodeyar (Wadiyar) dynasty, is depicted in yellow, an island surrounded by British possessions. All territories marked B, N or M represent those areas ceded to the British and their allies, the Nizam… Read more »

Map of India in 1022

This map depicts geographical features and the distribution of various Hindu dynasties in India in 1022. In the north-west, the Ghaznavid Empire was at its zenith under Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni (971 – 1030), who crossed the river Indus and plundered India seventeen times during the course of his reign. The map was published in… Read more »