10 interesting facts about Mughal gardens

Mughal emperors considered gardens as one of the most important architectural components of their state—so what made a garden adequately ‘Mughal’? Here are 10 clues

Remembering Mughal Begums

A new three-part docudrama series from BBC Uzbekistan – “In the Footsteps Of The Baburid Begums”- traces the stories and achievements of the women who were part of Mughal Emperor Babur’s family. Filmed in Uzbekistan, India and Afghanistan, the series looks at Baburnama, the memoirs of the emperor, along with the Humanyun-nama, the chronicles of… Read more »

Babur, Shahrukhi Coin of Badakshan Mint

Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty was a descendant of Timur and Genghis Khan—and he didn’t want you to forget it. One of the ways in which he pledged his allegiance was by introducing the Shahrukhi denomination of coin to the Subcontinent. Shahrukhis were flat, round silver coins first issued by the Timurid ruler… Read more »