‘Searching For Ashoka’ by Nayanjot Lahiri

“I found myself going back to the different ways in which Ashoka was remembered and trying to understand how memories of him had been accumulating and eroding like the slabs of rocks on which he had left his words. I then decided to combine this with the fun and feel of his forms in Thailand,… Read more »

Empire of Faith: Into the realm of the Buddha & the Mauryas

Most Indians are familiar with the great emperors and exploits of the Mauryan empire. But until a few hundred years ago, their legacies lay buried in ruins, their faith forgotten by time. This is the story of a remarkable resurrection

Details on the top of the Northern Gate of Sanchi Stupa

The Sanchi Stupa is one of the oldest and finest example of the architecture of the Shunga era. It consists of a large hemispherical dome, which was built over another stupa that dated back to the 3rd century BC and was built by the Emperor Ashoka Maurya. The stupa was later extended around the 1st… Read more »

Maya Displaying Her Veil Of Many Colours

A composition where a female figure on the left, likely signifying Maya or Illusion, lays out her colourful veil to be viewed by three men of religion on the right. Two of them seem to be Buddhist monks, and one seated figure has a sage-like appearance. The iconography is inspired by the various folk and… Read more »

Kukkuta Jataka

An artist’s interpretation of Kukkuta Jataka, a tale from the Buddhist Jataka fables inspired by the life of Gautama. In Kukkuta Jataka, Gautama takes life as a rooster. A cat that wants to eat the bird offers to become his wife first. The plot fails, and the bird is later revealed to be a Bodhisattva.… Read more »

Elephanta Caves, Bombay

This Johnson and Henderson image shows the outer facade of one of the caves on the island of Elephant in Bombay. Originally called Gharapuri and identified as the capital of the Mauryas in the Konkan, the island is spread across two hillocks separated by a narrow valley and dotted with numerous archaeological remains going as… Read more »

Musicians, Karlee

This is a late 19th century photograph of a group of musicians at Karle Caves by an unidentified photographer. On the backdrop can be seen buddha figures meditating, and a row of elephants all carved onto the monolithic structure. The musicians appear to be in motion playing an assortment of instruments, which include Nagaras, and… Read more »