Europeans in India: From a Collection of Drawings by Charles D’Oyly

‘The European in India; from a collection of drawings by Charles D’Oyly, Esq. engraved by J.H. Clark and C. Dubourg; with a description by Captain Thomas Williamson; accompanied with a brief history of ancient and modern India…by F.W. Blagdon Esq.’ is a collection of English colour plates about colonial life in India, with plates after… Read more »

India’s Forgotten Artists

A new show at the Wallace Collection in London, Forgotten Masters: Indian Painting for the East India Company, curated by historian William Dalrymple showcases 110 paintings that throw light on little known Indian artists of the late 18th and 19th centuries.

The History of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi

This book commemorates and celebrates the assumption of the title Empress of India by Her Majesty the Queen. It documents the historical Imperial Assemblage at Delhi which took place on lst January, 1877.

The History of the Indian Empire

This book gives an elaborate account of India which includes her history, topography, geology, climate, population, chief cities and provinces, tributaries and protected states, military power and resources, religion, education, crime, land tenures, staple products, government, finance, and commerce.

The Rajah and Principality of Mysore

The book gives us an insight into the position of the Maharaja of Mysore during the colonial period. The author, Thomas Evans Bell (1825 – 1887) was an English Indian army officer and writer who used the pseudonyms Undecimus and Indicus and wrote extensively on Indian affairs. He was a stern critic of the East… Read more »

Indian Princes and the Crown

This is a brief historical record of the various chiefs and ruling princes who attended the Imperial Assemblage of 1912. Called the “Delhi Durbar” after the Mughal usage of the term, this was an official imperial event that was held in the Coronation Park, Delhi to celebrate the coronation of King George V and Queen… Read more »

Scenery, Costumes and Architecture, Western India

Robert M. Grindlay served the British East India Company from 1804-1820, in India. A self-taught amateur artist, he made many sketches and illustrations recording the landscape and life of early 19th century India. These illustrations were later published and copied in engravings. This book is such a collection of coloured engravings. The topics in the… Read more »

The History of the Indian Mutiny

This book gives a detailed account of sepoy insurrection in India along with a concise history of the military events that led to the consolidation of British Empire in India.

Omens and Superstitions of Southern India

This book deals mainly with some aspects of what may be termed the psychical life of the inhabitants of the Madras Presidency, and the Native States of Travancore and Cochin. There are elaborate descriptions of snake worship, magic and charms.

Select View in Mysore

This volume is a historical account of the British officers and soldiers who fought against Tipu Sultan and compelled him to relinquish half his dimensions. The engravings published in the book focus on the battle grounds where the forces of Mysore defended against the British. Robert Home, a portrait artist and water colourist from London… Read more »

English Homes in India

This is an artist’s imagination of the danger faced by British families in India during the 1857 Uprising. In the engraving, a mother can be seen nursing a baby while a toddler sits close by. Two revolutionaries enter the room, one holding a sword dripping with what looks like blood and the other wielding a… Read more »

A Narrative of the Military Operations on the Coromandel Coast

This rare book from late 18th century offers a look at the different kingdoms that were part of the highly strategic and viciously fought Anglo-Mysore wars. It includes 18 letters from 1779 to 1784 covering the British Army’s operations in India, as well as several illustrations of the Isle of France, and charts. Maps include… Read more »