Wendell Rodricks’ Legacy

India’s art and fashion world was jolted by visionary fashion designer Wendell Rodricks’ untimely passing on 12 February. The late designer’s dream project, The Moda Goa Museum – India’s first world-class costume museum – was expected to open in early 2020. It will now open on 19 October, in tribute to the day Rodricks met… Read more »

History of Style

Class, caste, gender, faith, community, identity. We give away so much of who we through what we wear. Looking at 19th-century photographs and watercolour portraits from the Indian subcontinent, it might seem like our ancestors dressed more conservatively, seeking to hide everything but their social status which they wore like an armour. But we can… Read more »

An Officer at Rest flanked by Native Attendants

This is most likely a staged photograph of a European official flanked by his attendants. While one performs the role of the traditional chauri-bearer, waving a large bamboo hand fan, and another holds the base of an elbaorate hookah, a third standing figure on the left of the official seems to be bringing in official… Read more »

Bene Israel teachers in Bombay, 1856

The subjects of this photograph by Johnson and Henderson belong to the historic community of Jews in India known as “Bene Israel”. Dressed in traditional costume they are teachers of the Free Church of Scotland’s Mission School and the Jewish English School in Bombay, British India. The various books and scrolls, as well as the… Read more »

Music Gallery of The Mosque, Seringapatam

This engraving is after a painting by James Hunter, from his collection of illustrations titled “Picturesque Scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore”. James Hunter worked for the Royal British Artillery in India and took part in the campaigns against Tipu Sultan. After the signing of the Treaty of Seringapatnam (Srirangapathnam), Hunter took permission from Tipu… Read more »