Dhruvi Acharya

To the earth we return

Through surreal Gond art, witty feminist narratives and earthy Pattachitra scrolls from our collection, we further the themes that influence Rithika Merchant’s paintings


Dhruvi Acharya’s paintings portray the urban woman. She creates a canvas that most often depicts a comic-like female figure in a visual world unique to each painting. In this world thoughts exist as real entities and human forms take on aspects of their emotional personalities. Often these figures are represented with blank expressions and blank… Read more »

Twenty years of Tao

Mumbai’s Tao Gallery is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary by putting forth a special show starting the end of February 2020. Titled ‘A Tapestry of Time,’ the show will feature works by 66 artists including the likes of Brinda Miller, Atul Dodiya, Madhvi Parekh and Dhruvi Acharya. It will also cover a range of… Read more »