Dibin Thilakan

Untitled (Kerala Flood)

This composition is a 2018 ‘Untitled’ work in gouache on Japanese paper by Dibin K. Thilakan (b. 1989).  Created after the catastrophic 2018 Kerala floods, Dibin Thilakan’s painting obscures boundaries between land and water. The floods caused widespread displacement and damage across the state. While he highlights the helplessness of the average citizen awaiting relief… Read more »

reimagine I

‘reimagine’ is an ongoing Instagram-exclusive series through which we make connections across the Sarmaya collection and examine the extent to which our ways of seeing — and an object’s own meaning — are informed by time, space, and context

‘Goddess Category’ & ‘Non-Goddess Category’

In this set of paintings—titled Goddess Category: Goddess & Non-Goddess (painting on the left) and Non-Goddess Category: Goddess & Non-Goddess (painting on the right)—the artist exposes how women are simultaneously deified and demonised by Indian society. In the painting on the left, an eight-armed god is represented as female but with the head of a cow. She… Read more »

That Day in The Forest

In this painting, Dibin Thilakan is tapping into the realm between the conscious and subconscious. This painting has seven different figures, all in neatly sectioned parts of the artwork, engaging in completely different activities. This painting is almost like an aerial-view of the forest, offering a voyeuristic perspective on couples having sex, a Narcissus-like man… Read more »

This Just In

Before you try to find it, let us clarify right away that there isn’t a common thread connecting the five artists in our Spotlight this month. The art of Bhupen Khakhar, Shakuntala Kulkarni, Manisha Gera Baswani, Dibin Thilakan and Gopa Trivedi are covered by the umbrella term ‘modern and contemporary art’ but this slightly worn… Read more »

Dibin Thilakan – Tales of the Land

When confronted with his captivating canvases, you dive head-first into the stories told by his sinewy figures, floating amidst ebullient swirls of colour