Durga Bai

Untitled (Tree of Life)

The Untitled Gond-Pardhan painting is a Gouache and ink on paper work, made by artist Durgabai Vyam (b. 1972) The Mahua is considered the tree of life among the Gond-Pradhans of Madhya Pradesh. It plays a central role in the rituals and ceremonies of the community. Durga Bai Vyam conveys this bond in her Untitled work.… Read more »

Gond: Deer with Foxes

This is a Gond painting created in the tribal regions of Madhya Pradesh by Durga Bai in her signature style of small dashes, which replace continuous lines. It depicts two symmetrically placed deers, facing against each other and looking at a smaller animal, which look like blue foxes, on their backs. The stags have horns… Read more »

Gond: Dancing Elephants

This image is created by Durga Bai shows three figures who look like Ganesha dancing with two elephants. The painting is monochromatic, and the artist has experimented with the execution style including a wavy pattern, apart from the traditional dashes and the dots. One of the three Ganeshas stands atop the composite trunk of two… Read more »

Gond art

INTO THE JUNGLE The Dravidian term Gond comes from Kond, which means green mountains. The community is naturally focused on the preservation of nature. Without green mountains, wildlife habitats and water tables die out. And without the bees and the birds, plant cycles are affected. The Gonds understood it. READ MORE COLOUR SWATCHES FROM A… Read more »