early 20th century photography

Postcards from Madras

Postcards began at the end of the 19th century as a new kind of crossover between photography and the popular print market. In a collaboration with Picture Postcard Empire, we bring you a virtual exhibition of intriguing postcards from the city of Madras

Untitled Album featuring Tuensang Village, Nagaland

Acquired from the collection of the late BG Verghese, former editor of the Hindustan Times in the early Seventies, this album features a collection of photographs from Tuensang Village, in eastern Nagaland and bordering Myanmar. It shows members of the Sumi tribe, along with those of other unidentified tribes celebrating Tuluni festival. The Sumis are… Read more »

Painted portrait of an unidentified group of men, Bikaner

Although black and white photography rose in popularity and acquired a mark in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Indian aristocrats sought to go a bit further to fully enjoy the medium. They ordered for their portraits to be coloured by hand, often using bold colours. Photo studios accordingly worked in collaboration with artists… Read more »

View from St. Pauls School, Darjeeling

Well known as a summer resort during the British Raj, Darjeeling was one of the many hill-stations favoured to escape the Indian summer. But more importantly, it commanded entry to neighbouring regions, Nepal and Bhutan,  serving as a strategically important outpost for the British. The word Darjeeling comes from ‘dorje ling’ which means a place or… Read more »