Khedda Silver Medal, Mysore

This silver medal dates back to 1960 and is attributed to the Mysore Khedda (Elephant Stockade). Khedda was a practice for centuries in India, where wild elephants were captured to be tamed and domesticated. In the Mysore Khedda, in Southern India, the Kabini river was a permanent capture site given its topography and having one… Read more »

Elephant Rattle

This elephant rattle is made from bamboo and was used at the Mysore Khedda (Elephant Stockade). These devices, used as elephant rattles, are traditional percussion instruments known as bamboo clappers. Bamboo clappers are common across India and are known by different names. They are made from a thick piece of bamboo, which is split halfway… Read more »


This Bhil painting on canvas is by artist Ramesh Baria, son of celebrated artist Bhuri Bai. Bhil painting, traditionally made on walls, is practised today on canvas by one of the oldest tribal communities of India – the Bhils. Residing in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, etc, they live lives that are intricately… Read more »