Goddess Kali

Dark Mother – Goddesses of wrath

Within the mythology of the Mother Goddess there exists a duality. Just as her benevolent aspects are depicted in many forms, here are some of her fiercest and most terrifying forms

Das Mahavidyas

This painting represents the Das Mahavidya or the ten forms so Goddess Durga. The idols are painted on cloth using Ink and coloured pigments by Mithila artist Krishnanand Jha. Click here to see how artist Poonam Devi paints the same theme Dasa Mahavidya is associated with the Shakti cult in Hinduism and through it, ‘Tantrism’.… Read more »

Untitled (Goddes Kali)

The theme of this Madhubani painting is religious. Right in the centre, it showcases a large greyish face of Goddess Kali. Her eyes wide, are outlined with red and black, her tongue protruded and teeth showing, her jet black, long hair flowing unruly, are features usually associated with the Goddess, evoking her ferocity. Yet the… Read more »