indigenous and Tribal Art

Art and Wonderment

On 27th August 2022, we collaborated with Art and Wonderment, an arts engagement organisation led by Alisha Sadikot and Nishita Zachariah. We opened out our collection to a group of arts enthusiasts for a session on the diverse art traditions and histories of the Subcontinent, seen through the lens of a curated selection of objects… Read more »

Mayank Shyam and the forest of Gond

If there’s one lesson Mayank Shyam has learnt from his father and legendary Gond artist Jangarh Singh Shyam, it is to be wholly, joyously, uncompromisingly himself and true to the soil that has nourished him

Latpatiya Sugga

Mithila art traditionally uses motifs from nature like birds, elephants, or depicts themes of love both eternal and mortal, or scenes from Hindu mythology. Santosh Kumar Das makes use of these motifs to say something new with it. Coming from Ranti, he was trained in the Kachni style of Madhubani art, which focuses on the… Read more »

Untitled (Lion)

Mithila art often uses motifs from nature to capture the excitement of rural life. This painting depicts three elements – a sole lion, a flower and a bird but the flower is positioned high and the bird low, beside the hind legs of the lion. The artist Santosh Kumar Das is very interested in merging… Read more »

Untitled (Man with a Pankha)

This is a painting by Santosh Kumar Das in the Madhubani tradition. His art draws inspiration from Hindu mythology and iconography, nature, events from Indian history and anecdotes from his everyday life. ‘A Man With a Pankha’ explores a theme from Das’ life, and his love for art and mythology. A Brahmin man wearing an… Read more »