Jesus Christ

Miracle cure – Goddesses of health

The devis, matas, ammas and other female divinities who have been called upon, time and time again, to save humanity from disease, death and its own hubris

Sainte Famille De Iesus Christ ( Sacra Christi Familia)

As the title of the etching suggests, pictured here is the Holy Family, traditionally and historically known as the ‘Holy Family of Françios I’ or ‘la Grande Sainte Famille Iesus Christ.’ The Virgin (Mother Mary) is seen seated right in front of the pillar, in the centre of the composition, and is holding up an… Read more »

Tortured Soul

Rabin Mondal depicts Christ in his most vulnerable physical state. He can barely stand under the weight of the cross and collapses on his disciples’ arms on the long walk to his Crucifixion. The three figures are frozen in distress, their bodies wracked with suffering and their spirit filled with sorrowful anticipation at the end… Read more »

Untitled (pietà)

A pencil sketch of pietà, the Italian word for ‘pity’ that refers to the Biblical episode where Mary cradles the head of her dead son, Jesus. The artist’s work here is inspired to a large extent by the Pietà, a 15th-century marble sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti. A distraught Mary sits with the limp body of… Read more »


The work deals with the theme of crucifixion. There is a central figure on a cross and other figures are gathered around, perhaps representing the mourners. Rudimentary architectural elements can be seen in the background. KG Subramanyan was actively involved in the freedom struggle and was known for his Gandhian ideology. His visit to Santiniketan… Read more »


A sketch depicting a man in a cloak with an outstretched right arm. Another figure kneels before the standing figure, perhaps as a gesture of reverence. This work is very likely Biblical in its theme. Krishen Khanna was born in pre-partition Punjab and moved to Bombay to work as a banker. Art had been a… Read more »


Hailing from the Asnona village of Portuguese Goa, A.X. Trindade was a student of one of the earliest batches of Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay, and was trained in the classical style of academic realism. Like all students trained in the school during this period, he was an expert in various mediums like watercolour,… Read more »

Untitled (Crucifixion)

Jamini Roy was probably the first artist to depict Christ in an Indian vocabulary. He was looking to test the effectiveness of his bold line and flat colour technique on a subject which was remote from his personal life. Being an orthodox Hindu who had never read the old or new testaments, Roy saw the… Read more »

Untitled (Crucifixion of Christ)

The theme of this painting is the ‘Crucifixion of Christ’. The artwork deliberately shifts our focus to Christ’s harsh, pained facial expressions by eliminating his nailed hands and legs, bleeding on the cross. Jogen Chowdhury’s Christ conveys intense human emotions of distress, agony and pain through both the body and the face. A white halo… Read more »

The Christ Commission

Sarmaya has collaborated with celebrated Rajasthani artist Manish Soni to reimagine Christ in a new light and through an Eastern lens. With support and direction from Sarmaya founder Paul Abraham, Soni has revived the ancient Mughal art of Hamzanama painting and used the form brilliantly to retell the legendary tales we know so well.