Janmashthmi Pichwai

Shrinathji is the presiding deity of the Pushtimarg Vaishnava religion. The spiritual home of Shrinathji is in Nathdwara, near Udaipur. Though devotees flock to the temple town for darshan eight times a day, festivals such as Janmashtami, Sharad Purnima, and Holi receive large crowds. Devotees often tend to leave this place of devotion with a… Read more »

Untitled (Krishna and Gopis)

Mithila art traditionally uses motifs from nature like birds and elephants, or depicts themes of love both eternal and mortal, or scenes from Hindu mythology. This painting showcases an episode from the Bhagavata Purana where Krishna steals clothes of gopis (cow herding women) who were bathing in river yamuna. He is shown here seated atop… Read more »

Untitled (Dasavatar)

This Madhubani painting is thematically religious. It showcases the dasavatars or ten incarnations of the Lord Vishnu. The incarnations are divided in small rectangles in two rows, making it a miniature of how these images would appear on the traditional wall paintings when painted almost life size. The figures are named by the artist in… Read more »

Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, Silver 2/3 Pavali

This is a very fine and scarce coin struck during the reign of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, the longest ruling Wodeyar king. Krishnaraja laid the foundation on which his successors built and transformed Mysore into a modern and model state. Another major significance of his ascendancy was that he was the first Wodeyar king to assume… Read more »

Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, Silver Pavali or 1/4 Rupee

The Wodeyar/Wadiyar dynasty owns the distinction for being the only Indian royal family to have ruled for five centuries! Chosen to serve as vassals of the Vijayanagara empire in 1399, the Wodeyars grew over time to reign over their own kingdom, which they did right up till the formation of the Union of India in… Read more »