Banker, soldier, artist, lover

Artist Robert Melville Grindlay’s colour-drenched, soft-focus landscapes of western India point to a lifelong infatuation

Houses with Palm Trees

B Prabha was a feminist artist at a time when there wasn’t much support for women’s voices. Born in 1933 to a middle-class family in Nagpur, she graduated from the JJ School of Art in Mumbai and spent a few years exploring different mediums before finding the perfect fit for her elegant style with oil… Read more »

Landscape by Badri Narayan

Badri Narayan was entirely self-taught and his art betrays a deeply introspective gaze. All of his work was in some way or the other an exploration of the self. He was inspired by various movements and art forms, particularly traditional miniatures, narrative paintings and popular Indian iconography. For his own work, this artist from Andhra… Read more »

Scenery, Costumes and Architecture, Western India

Robert M. Grindlay served the British East India Company from 1804-1820, in India. A self-taught amateur artist, he made many sketches and illustrations recording the landscape and life of early 19th century India. These illustrations were later published and copied in engravings. This book is such a collection of coloured engravings. The topics in the… Read more »