Meladi Mata

Meladi Mata no Chandarvo

This textile celebrates and reveres the folk goddess Meladi Mata, depicted at the centre seated on a black goat. According to legend, Goddess Parvati created Meladi from the dirt on her body and bestowed her divine shakti or strength and a black male goat as her mount.  Mata-ni-Pachedi or Chandarvo is a textile painting that… Read more »

Mata-ni-Pachedi: Meladi Mata

A folk goddess worshiped by the Vaghri community of Gujarat, Meladi Mata is identified by her mount, the black goat. In this Mata-ni-Pachedi painting, she is shown in the centre, a goddess with eight arms sitting astride a goat. She is framed by a shrine-like structure and smaller panels depicting deities and stories cover up… Read more »