Kansari (Goddess of Seeds)

This Warli artwork titled ‘Kansari’ is by Tushar Vayeda (b.1987) and Mayur Vayeda (b.1992), artists based in Ganjad, Maharashtra.  The Warli way of life is the way of the forest. The spirits worshipped by the tribe are personifications of natural phenomena. One such spirit is the subject of Tushar and Mayur Vayeda’s painting, Kansari, named… Read more »

Ploughing (Hal Chalana)

This Bhil painting  titled Ploughing (Hal Chalana), is an acrylic on canvas work, made by artist Subhash Amliyar (b.1985) For the Bhil tribe of Madhya Pradesh, art is a device for marking events, preserving memories and capturing the community’s deep connection with nature. In Subhash Amliyar’s composition, a figure reminiscent of Lord Ganesha is seen… Read more »

Fish Net (Paagir)

This work illustrates a Fishing Net, also called Paagir, by Warli artist Sadashiv Mashe (b. 1860), son of the celebrated artist and Padma Shri awardee Jivya Soma Mashe (1934-2018). A common subject, this net is portrayed in a twin format, which means it is composed of two paintings of the subject that the artist has… Read more »

Holy waters

Exploring the cultural and spiritual significance of water in India and around the world


Warli painting, traditionally mural art, is practised by members of the Warli community residing in Maharashtra and parts of Gujarat. Warli art often depicts scenes and aspects from occupations such as agriculture, fishing, hunting, and significant occasions such as festivals, weddings, and births to commemorate the community’s culture and beliefs. This Warli artwork titled ‘Birth’… Read more »

Bada Dev

The Gond-Pardhan painting titled ‘Bada Dev’ is an acrylic on canvas work, made by artist Ram Singh Urveti (b. 1970). Bada Dev is the omnipresent creator of the Gond-Pradhan community in Madhya Pradesh. They believe he resides in the Saja tree, which grows abundantly in the forests surrounding their homes. Ram Singh Urveti invokes the… Read more »

Pattachitra: Manasa Goddess

The Bengal Pattachitra is a visual and oral art tradition practised by the Patuas or Chitrakars of West Bengal. They earn their livelihood by telling stories from Hindu Mythology, local folklores, Sufi tradition and contemporary themes through paintings and songs. The unfolding or playing of the Pata is called ‘Pat Khelano’, and the song through… Read more »