Big Deals

Among the very high-profile artworks going under the hammer for Sotheby’s auction of 20th-century Indian art from the Guy and Helen Barbier collection is this work by Bhupen Khakhar. ‘Two Men in Benares’ caused a sensation in 1982 for its bold homo-erotic theme and today it’s valued at between Rs 3.9 and 5 crore . Visit… Read more »

Think Like A Museum

A heartening news report on how Indian museums are thinking beyond four walls to engage more deeply with their audience, and keep them coming back for more. This includes Instagram-led contests, a museum set inside a mansion and a World War I reenactement. Sarmaya gets a mention here for one of our social media campaigns

What is art?

“I would say that in India, we have not been able to understand old practices – like a human embracing a tree, composing songs, making terracotta figurines offered to the gods. People in the mainstream will say it is madness. But I feel that a large part of our heritage exists in ordinary people whom… Read more »