This year, Sarmaya Education kicked off our on-ground collaboration with Pratham Education Foundation as part of their initiative, PraDigi Creativity Club. So far, Sarmaya has created memorable learning experiences through art for students in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The Pratham Creativity Club offers three levels of engagement: All, Some and Few. Based on digital resources… Read more »

Forgotten Files

For the 39th issue of Spotlight, we’re bringing you some vanished traditions, unsung artists, lost scripts and other surprising facets of Indian history and art


For the 37th issue of Spotlight, we’re taking a look at disruptive technologies that made history. These include innovations in the field of photography, coin-making, art and publishing that didn’t simply change the game, they threw out the rulebook and gave the players superpowers!

Collecting art & artefacts

Sarmaya Founder Paul Abraham and Brand Custodian Pavitra Rajaram acquire objects to continually enrich our museum’s collection. In this Guide, they share some great advice with young collectors on how to engage meaningfully with the art and culture of India

How to collect rare coins in India

We get experienced numismatists to answer some frequently asked questions about how to collect, decipher and research old and rare coins

reimagine II

Inside the studios and minds of seven contemporary artists who have interpreted and re-imagined objects from our collection to tell us stories in their unique styles

Where do we go from here?

Faced with the ravages of the global pandemic, we’re all seeking comfort, beauty and a way to strengthen that inner light no storm can disturb. ‘Shifting Selves’ offers the balm of art and history as it documents this journey inward

A Story of India in 12 Silver Coins

A rebellious empress, a great ruler of the south, a British queen taking the reins of a colony in revolt. Travel through time and discover Indian history through twelve exceptional silver coins

City As Lab

City As Lab is a program run by the education consulting firm and think tank Reniscience Education, which aims to foster a spirit of scientific curiosity and a love for research in school children. City As Lab is a yearly project undertaken by schools in different Indian cities over a period of a few months,… Read more »

Price of Precious with Flow India

In the summer of 2016, we partnered with the education and culture organisation Flow India to conduct workshops titled ‘Price of Precious’ for corporates in Mumbai and Bengaluru. There were intended to build a better understanding of our irreplaceable material heritage in young working adults. Teams from IndusInd Bank, Mumbai and Thomson Reuters, Bangalore participated… Read more »