Odisha Pattachitra

Thiya Bodiya Jatri Boti

A jatri poti/boti or jatra patta is a pilgrimage scroll that a devotee brings back with him as a souvenir. It also acts as a mobile shrine for anyone unable to visit the temple. This particular Patta depicts different icons and practices of Lord Jagannatha, considered an incarnation of Vishnu. Lord Jagannath’s siblings – Balabhadra… Read more »

Krishna Leela

This Odisha Pattachitra by Akshaya Kumar Bariki illustrates Krishna Leela. The middle panel features Krishna and Radha in an embrace. As Odisha Pattachitras were traditionally used as personal home shrines, the central icons are always larger and primary. This is followed by supporting stories and images around them, which are smaller in size to symbolise… Read more »