Great Pagoda of the Brihadishwara Temple, Tanjore

The Brihadishwara Temple at Thanjavur marks the acme of the Southern Temple Architecture, in magnitude, design, technique, and art. This Great Temple, built between AD 1003 to 1010, is also called the Rajarajeshvara after its builder Rajaraja I, the great Chola Ruler. The Temple complex consists of various subsidiary shrines of different deities, and an… Read more »

Devaraya I, Gold Pagoda Coin of Vijayanagara Empire

This is a gold pagoda type coin issued by Vinayaditya, the third Hoysala king of the Vijayanagara Empire. The reverse has an inscription “Sri Pratapa Devaraya” and the obverse has the icon of Uma-Maheshwara in embrace. The figure of Parvati is seated in padmasana with hands folded in the anjali mudra, while Shiva is four-armed… Read more »