The Holy Trinity Church, Murree

The Holy Trinity Church is located in Murree, a hill station in present-day Pakistan established by the British for the sake of troops in Peshawar riddled with excruciating heat, disease and other dangers of the frontier. Construction on the Holy Trinity Church began in 1848 when the British administration took over Punjab Province. It was… Read more »

Subcontinental drift

Author Anam Zakaria attempts to understand one of the most defining years in South Asian history with her new book, 1971: A People’s History from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. The book goes beyond ideologies and politics in an attempt to find the truth and show how people’s history differs when compared to official records.

Dr Graham Shot In His Buggy

This is an engraving depicting the shooting of Dr.Graham, an English medical officer who was shot while travelling in his horse-carriage and succumbed to his wounds. This print was inspired from the original illustration by Charles Ball, in his book “The History of Indian Mutiny”. The image depicts a horse-drawn carriage speeding through the landscape… Read more »